Winter is almost here… and that means the next few months of golf will be drastically different to the summer we have just encountered. But, winter doesn’t mean your enjoyment for golf has to stop. Just read our Top 5 Winter Golf tips and you’ll be ready to tackle the elements.


Winter Golf Tip 1 – Keep Your Balls Warm

Cold golf balls don’t fly as far as warm golf balls… FACT! So, keep them in your pocket until you need them. Also, rather than just playing with one ball, use two. This means you can use each ball on alternate holes, keeping the other in your pocket to keep them as warm as possible. As long as you don’t artificially heat the balls during the round you are within the rules of golf.


Winter Golf Tip 2 – Keep Your Hands Warm

Keeping your hands warm is crucial to playing good winter golf. So, firstly… invest in some winter / all weather gloves. There are some fantastic winter / all weather gloves on the market now that you can wear on both hands for the entire round. Not only will this help if it gets a little wet, it will also keep both hands warm throughout 18 holes. Also, get some winter mitts that you can put your hands in between shots… you could even put some hand warmers in there.

Top 5 Winter Golf Tips_Gloves


Winter Golf Tip 3 – Keep Your Body Warm

We’ve already covered the hands and your golf balls… but it’s also important to keep the rest of your body warm too. Invest in a good base layer, a good woolly hat and of course, thermal socks. If you stay warm you are more likely to stay relaxed through the round rather than shivering during your backswing!


Winter Golf Tip 4 – Know Your Winter Club Distances 

The ball doesn’t go as far in the winter, this we know. Head to see our friendly Yorkshire Golf Academy team who can get you on our Flightscope either in our performance centre or out on the range and accurately gather your winter club yardages.


Top 5 Winter Golf Tips Yardages


Winter Golf Tip 5 – Adjust Your On Course Strategy

Adjusting your strategy will help you score better in winter. Just because you could reach that long par 4 in the summer, doesn’t mean the same will happen in winter. Adjust your mental approach to each hole accordingly and swing within yourself, accepting that the course plays very differently. The same applies off the tee and around the greens.


There we go, our Top 5 Tips to help you play better golf this winter. If you need some help with your winter wardrobe, make sure you go and see the guys in our YGA Shop and check out the huge winter range available.